Mortgage Lender Contacts for COVID-19 Support

Please find below an email and phone contact list of mortgage lenders.  Please contact your lender directly with questions around mortgage payment relief and deferral of payments and they will work to find a solution for your individual circumstances.  They are experiencing extremely high volumes with COVID-19 questions, mortgage rate volatility, and Annual Statements needed for filing taxes so please be patient with them!

If you have difficulty getting through on the phone line, I would recommend using their online forms and email to ensure you have a dated request for a deferral or call back. There was no department built for this unprecedented situation, so please be patient with the lender processing all of these requests and returning all of these calls!

Please keep in mind that a mortgage payment deferment is discretionary, and also doesn’t mean those payments are gone forever – if approved for a deferral, these payments will be added on to the end of your mortgage term.  Your individual lender will discuss their specific policies with you.  Please ensure you have your mortgage number when you call, which can be found on your annual statement.

I will be happy to discuss with each of you the best strategy for you to take – including if a deferral is the right solution for you , how to repay these payments to minimize additional interest, or whether the cost is simply worth its weight in gold to get through these challenging times.

Below is a list of customer service phone numbers for most lenders. 

 Alterna Credit Union1-877-560-0100More Info Click Here 
ATB1-800-332-8383More Info Click Here
B2B1-800-263-8349More Info Click Here
BMO1-877-788-1923More Info Click Here
Bridgewater Bank1-866-243-4301More Info Click Here
Chinook Financial403-934-3358More Info Click Here
CIBC1-800-465-2422More Info Click Here
CMLS1-888-995-2657More Info Click Here
Community Trust1-800-268-1576More Info Click Here 
Connect First403-736-4000More Info Click Here
Desjardins Credit Union1-855-688-2433More Info Click Here
Duca Credit Union1-866-900-3822More Info Click Here
Equitable Bank1-888-334-3313More Info Click Here
First Calgary Financial403-736-4000More Info Click Here
First National Financial1-888-488-3313More Info Click Here
First Ontario Credit Union1-800-616-8878More Info Click Here
Haventree1-855-272-0051More Info Click Here
Home Trust1-855-270-3630More Info Click Here
HSBC1-888-310-4722More Info Click Here 
IC Savings416-253-4007More Info Click Here 
ICICI1-888-424-2422More Info Click Here 
Manulife1-877-765-2265More Info Click Here 
MCAP1-800-265-2624More Info Click Here
Meridian Credit Union1-866-592-2226 More Info Click Here 
Merix/Lendwise1-877-637-7881More Info Click Here
Marathon1-855-503-6060More Info Click Here
National Bank1-877-281-0144More Info Click Here
Optimum1-866-809-5800More Info Click Here
RBC1-866-809-5800More Info Click Here
RFA/Street Capital Mortgage begins with 41-866-939-5005More Info Click Here
RFA/Street Capital Mortgage begins with 61-877-776-6888More Info Click Here
RFA/Street Capital Mortgage begins with 7, 8 or 91-833-228-5697More Info Click Here
RMG1-866-809-5800More Info Click Here
Scotiabank1-800-472-6842More Info Click Here
Servus1-877-378-8728More Info Click Here
TD1-888-720-0075More Info Click Here
Vancity1-888-826-2489More Info Click Here
Verico Lifecycle1-855-805-7107More Info Click Here
XMC1-877-775-2970More Info Click Here